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Instrumentation Technician Course - An Introduction

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

My name is Chris, I've had a career in engineering now for around 13 years, working in both onshore and offshore industries.

I started my career at a Carbon Fiber plant. For the last 7 years I've worked in the offshore gas industry, starting on unmanned platforms, working through to a manned hub Installation.

I have predominantly been employed as an Instrumentation Technician, but my career has taken me into project engineering / control systems work.

Instrumentation is a great career field that has so many challenges to overcome, both technical and personal while being a competitive career field from a financial aspect providing a comfortable stable income.

Instrumentation really does give you a deep understanding of how the industry that keeps our economy turning and giving us the products and services we use on a day to day basis functions from an engineering point of view.

I went through the formal training in the UK typical for my discipline around 2007 including NVQ 3 / ONC & HNC technical studies and completed a 4 year apprenticeship program.

I remember thinking how useful it would have been to have reference material for some of the core principles I was studying. Well this is what my Instrument Technician course aims to do!

Starting on YouTube, I have created a series of videos on various topics that aims to introduce people who have an interest in Instrumentation and Engineering to the core principles and knowledge that is needed to be successful within the industry.

The YouTube Channel

I'll be creating a blog post here to match each of my YouTube Videos, as well as additional posts that favor a blog style format.


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